Kindergarten Readiness

Do you have a child who is anxious about starting Kindergarten?  

Then this video is for you!! Join Carla as she starts her first day of School. She's afraid she can't, "Kindergarten!" With the help of her friends, Walter and Squibby, she gets enough confidence to jump right in!


Abigail Knighton

Eleanor Knighton

Shelby Rickart

Music: Zac Brown Band: "Jump Right In" (music used with permission)

So, Ye Wanna be a Pirate...?

...Of Course you do!

LOVE is in the air...and down the alley. Enjoy the show!!


Hooray for the Salt Lake City Library!  "Check them out" online during COVID!!

Happy Halloween 2020!

A little Holiday cheer!

A HUGE thank you to all who helped replace our stolen tablets!!