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Ye Olde Puppet Shoppe

Here you will find wonderous things!

Pre-made puppets, Custom puppets and Gift Certificates

Everyone Needs a Puppet!

  • To help teach a lesson to your students.
  • To help read a book.
  • Make Zoom meetings more fun.
  • You always have a friend to tell your troubles to.
  • Playing with your children or grandchildren.
  • Ordering drive through.
  • Making more creative conference presentations.
  • To indulge in general silliness (it’s relaxing!).

Order one today!!

Tax and Shipping are included. Make sure you tell us which one you want.

Puppets for Sale

Red indicates sold

Whosits $30.00

Just a simple professional quality puppet that can be anything. Anyone can operate these little cuties.
Comes with rod instructions so you can work both rods with one hand.

 Pink, Peach, Yellow, Green, Brown

Whatsits $25.00

Easy to operate, very simple puppet.  Anyone can operate these goofy guys. Rod instructions are included.
Gray, White, Yellow w/green hair, Green, Pink, Yellow w/white hair

Sockits $15.00

Super cute, mushy mouth puppets. These are for everyone; especially easy for younger children to operate.
     Purple, Pink/blue mohawk, Pink puppy, Purple ear puppy, Blue Hair, Yellowl puppy                                                                           Black/Pink/Blue hair, Green puppy, White puppy, Orange puppy, Black Stripe

Chompits $12.00

These little rascals are on a clothespin and can chomp onto to a purse, hat or whatever!
 Sold out

Finger Puppet DIY Kits $7.00

This kit comes with everything you need to make a finger puppet like the ones pictured. Instructions are included--all you need is imagination. Great stocking stuffers!

Don't see Something you Like?

We love making custom puppets!

We have made puppets for commercials, Utah Arts Alliance, Plan B Theater, and several YouTubers.

Contact us for more information and prices!!


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Gift Certificates

Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone? Look no further!! 

Give them the gift of Puppetry. 

Workshop Certificate:   $15.00 (per puppet or activity)
We offer a variety of workshops for all ages throughout the year. Just check the workshop page to see what's coming up!