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 Brine Shrimp Finger Puppets Sold Through GREAT SALT LAKE SALTY SIRENS. All proceeds go to this amazing group helping to preserve and educate the public about

The Great Salt Lake.    We're cute! Buy us!!  $15 ea.

To order go to:

Great Salt Lake's Salty Sirens (

Puppets in the City Gift Certificates

Puppets for Sale


$25.00 (plus shipping out of the USA)
These little puppets can be operated by children or adults. Their mouth plates have elastic for smaller hands, and each one has hand rods. 
Instructions for working the rods are included.       



Elves $25   



1.   2  3  4  5These fun finger puppets are full of shenanigans!  $10


These Reapers are not so Grim! They are 16" high and full of wild weirdness. $15      1. 
       2.     3.    4.       5.

Puppets made for YOU!!

We love making custom puppets!

We have made puppets for commercials, Utah Arts Alliance, Plan B Theater, and several YouTubers.

Contact us for more information and prices!!


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Gift Certificates

Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone? Look no further!! 

Give them the gift of Puppetry. 

Workshop Certificate:   $15.00 (per puppet)


Show Certificate: $25.00 (can be used for multiple people)