Making the art of puppetry available to everyone!



Everyone has a story to tell.  Whether is an old tale or a new one; one that entertains an audience, educates the public or helps the storyteller explore themselves.

We, at Puppets in the City,

want to help you tell your story.

What we do

  • Puppets shows for children and adults
    Great for:
       Schools and libraries

  •  Puppet-building workshops for all ages.

    Great for:


       Date Night


       Holiday and birthday Parties

       Corporation team building

  • Teacher and librarian training and/or puppet building.

  • 5–10-minute video puppet grams (all ages).

    Great for:

       Any occasion!! Just send us what you want    included.

  • “My Favorite Book” readings for individuals or classrooms. Live or taped with a puppet reading a child’s, class’s or teacher's favorite book.

  •  Puppet Karaoke parties (all ages)

       Great for:

         Family night

         Corporate team building

         Holiday parties

         Birthday parties

         Wedding showers

  • Puppet Studio Tours. Just call ahead.

  • Mask-making workshops for all ages.

    Puppets in the City is a non-profit puppet performing and teaching company.  We provide puppets, puppet shows, workshops and general puppetry skills. We explore fairness and equality by defining friendship and values which helps prevent bullying. We also celebrate holidays, and always promote self-expression and general silliness.

The company partners with The Natural History Museum of Utah, Red Butte Gardens, The Salt Lake City Library System,  Entheos Academy Discovery Club, and the Great Salt Lake Preservation Project.

Puppets in the City has been part of productions presented by: 

Plan B Theatre

The Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival

Pygmalion Productions

The Lyric Opera Park City

Egyptian Youtheatre