What's better than watching puppets?

Making your own!!

Join the us for a fun workshop to make and take a puppet of your own design!

After we build, we practice.  You will learn to work your puppet and bring it to life.

All ages welcome, no experience necessary!

All workshops are held at The Art Factory  193 West 2100 South SLC, UT

801 554-4257

Workshops for 2018           January - May

All workshops are the second Saturday of the month, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

January 13th

Sock Puppets                   

Ages 5+      $12 per puppet

What do you get when you add a sock, materials and your creativity together? A great puppet! 

All materials provided.

This workshop is sold out.

February 10th

Wanna-be's (a stuffed toy that really wants to be a puppet)

Ages 5+     $12 per puppet

Bring a stuffed toy, old or new, and leave with a brand-new friend!

Make sure the body is big enough to get an arm into, and the head/mouth is large enough for an adult hand (works better for kids, too). We will have some stuffed toys available for $3.00.

This workshop is sold out.

March 10th

Bowl Heads (design by John Kennedy)

Ages 5+     $12 per puppet

What could be better than a puppet with two heads? Come and create a switchable character from three paper bowls, fleece and your imagination!

All materials provided.

April 14th

Toy Theater

Ages 5+    $15.00 per theater w/characters

Design your own mini-theater, story and characters out of cardboard, fabric and paper. Tell your story for a very appreciative audience!

All materials provided.

May 12th

Finger Puppets

Ages 5+    $18 for two puppets and a mini-stage

Bring a story to life with two characters and the world they live in!

All materials provided.